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Many People Still Ignore Cancer Symptoms

A new survey from the Cancer Research UK found that many people aren't aware of the cancer symptoms that had befallen him. Most people are frightened checked cancer symptoms that appear in them so that they would endanger their own lives.

This result was obtained by investigators after observing the 1,700 people in the United Kingdom. The participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire related to the symptoms of cancer, including 10 of the most common symptoms of cancer. Some of these are prolonged cough, pain, alterations in the activity of the bladder, and more.

This research showed that about 53 percent of participants experiencing the symptoms of cancer are common during the last three months, but only two percent who thought it was cancer. Many think the symptoms caused by other diseases or simply because of the age factor.
Cancer Symptoms

"Most people with cancer symptoms ignored it. Whereas it is important for everyone to understand the symptoms of cancer they have and immediately check it out with, "says Dr. Katrina Whitaker, researchers from University College London.

This discovery should be learning for many people not to ignore the symptoms of the disease whatever they feel. Some types of cancer symptoms that cannot be ignored, among others, is the appearance of lumps, the weight dropped drastically without explanation, and more.
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