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Inspirational : 8-year old girl shrinks tumor naturally with cancer juicing therapy

Josie says that the doctor’s reaction was “uhhh… how are you doing that!?”

This young cancer survivor thought that she originally had strep throat, but of course didn’t know for certain. Her mom had taken her to the doctor’s office multiple times because of strep, vomiting, and headaches. Both her parents felt in their gut that something was really wrong. She would sleep a lot and always went right back into bed after getting sick. A diagnosis was not found after visiting several different health care practitioners.

But then finally they decided to do a CT scan after complaints of throbbing headaches. A spot was found and an MRI was immediately ordered.

cancer juicing therapy
“Honey, you have cancer,” was what these parents were forced to tell their beautiful angel.
Surgery and chemotherapy are the default “solutions”

Josie’s parents had to explain to their daughter that the doctors needed to cut her head open. She was relieved when she was told that she would be asleep the entire time. Josie received chemo and when her blood counts were up her friends were able to visit and were very supportive.

She went through many physical changes very rapidly during treatment. Once the radiation and three rounds of chemo were complete, she weighed just 42 pounds. Despite everything, her spirits were high during the entire ordeal, her mother recounts.
Alternative treatments for cancer were sought, but it wasn’t the cancer killing Josie

After the chemo and radiation and feeling some what helpless, Josie’s mom and dad sought the advice of a naturopathic doctor. The doctor was thorough with his questions about the treatments and surgeries administered so far, and how much Josie weighed, etc. It was important that her pH levels were tested from her saliva as well.

It was discovered, probably not surprisingly, that her pH levels were very very low, as they didn’t even register on the pH strips. It was determined that she was dying of acidosis, and not cancer as originally was assumed.
Diet as a treatment for acidosis

“You must make the body inhospitable to the cancer cells by going on the right foods that will help the body eat healthy acid.” As the pH goes up, the lactic acid goes down which means the cancer activity is going down. The body repairs itself once given the “stuff” that it needs. “Most doctors have no idea that nutrition has anything to do with cancer.”

Cancer juicing therapy: Josie began drinking fresh vegetable juices and started to feel better and became more active.

The doctor, on her next visit just a few months later, indicated that the tumor had shrunk by 75%.

Source : Naturalnews
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