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Benefit and Create Soursop Leaf Tea For Cancer Treatment

Modern research has already managed to prove the benefits of soursop leaf extract is very beneficial for health. One Agrevo Research Center, North Carolina, United States found positive results about the benefits of soursop leaf to anti-cancer. While in Indonesia, testing has been done Cancer Chemoprevention Research Center Gajah Mada University (UGM-CCRC).

The Benefits Of Drinking Tea And Soursop Leaves Regularly

-. Killing cancer cells without disturbing the health of other organs of the body.
-. Different chemotherapy, soursop leaf tea doesn't cause the effects of hair loss, weight loss or nausea
-. Improve the immune system, particularly suitable for restoring body condition after experiencing pain.
-. Keeping blood sugar stability so that is good for people with diabetes or hypertension.
-. Help launch the blood circulation in the body so that it can treat mild stroke.
-. Very effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, parasites and tumor development.
-. Healing properties of soursop are also useful as antipsychotics and lower fevers.
-. Soursop tea consumption regularly increase stamina, useful in speeding up the healing process of a disease, and a healthy digestive system.

To make soursop leaf tea, you can use the leaves fresh or dried leaves. How to process quite simple, doesn't require special additional ingredients just a sweetener such as sugar or honey.

Soursop leaf to boil 15 sheets of 1 liter of water is needed, while for 10 pieces 3 cups (600 cc) of water, enough for 3 pieces and put 1 cup water.

How to cultivate soursop leaf (Fresh Soursop Leaf)
-. 3 pieces of fresh leaves
-. A glass of clean water
-. Sugar or honey

How to process them:
Select the leaves are still green light (not too old), wash clean. Boil a few moments until the water is lightly browned like tea. Lift, set aside its leaves and add sweetener if necessary.
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