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Testicular Cancer Symptoms

Testicular Cancer Symptoms
Testicular cancer is a disease that can be cured if it gets good medical treatment. If the disease has been detected at early stage, testicular cancer have a survival rate to 95 percent within five years. Testicular cancer usually occurs in men aged 20 to 35 years old. Symptoms of this cancer may not be clearly visible, but you can still detect it. Here are some of the symptoms that identify testicular cancer :

1. Swollen Testicle
Swelling can occur in the testes. The growing tumor can push or block structures that carry fluids into and out of testicles, causing swelling or edema.
Enlargement of the testicles is a result of a number of tumor cells that proliferate endlessly. Clinically, approximately 80% of sufferers experiencing early symptoms of swelling of the testicles. the swelling is not the same, it would be very irregular, long side of testicular tumor enlargement will be seen very clearly. Experts of the tumor and the cancer of Modern Cancer Hospital of Guangzhou reminded: in men who experience swelling of the testicles, scrotal ULTRASOUND examination can do B to help diagnose the contents inside the lump in your testicle.
2. Hardening on testicles
If we handle them with your hands the testes will taste like textured stone, very hard, the situation is different with the usual inflammatory symptoms that occur in the testes where the swelling occurs with a regular size, and soft texture. Although the testes is very hard, but if pressed there painful, it's very different with inflammation of the testicles.
3. Testicle feels heavy
Testicle feels the weight is one of the symptoms that are seen in the early stages of testicular cancer. Because testicular tumors are formed from a large number of tumor cells grow, so at the moment the lump grew to some extent, heavy on the testicles will grow that eventually lead to sufferers feel the weight of the testes, even affecting the patient during walking. If held by hand will feels like holding a rock, feels heavy.
4. Pain in the scrotum and stomach
In some cases, pain in the genital apparatus could be early sign of testicular cancer. Sometimes the pain can be felt in the testicle itself. The Mayo Clinic also explains that the pain can occur in the lower abdomen or groin area.
On early stage testicular cancer, sometimes bleeding symptoms will develop in the testicles, ice, or ruptured as a result of wounds, or tumor propagate down to the outside of the testes, and scrotum will result that feels very sick
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