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The Main Cancer-Causing Factors

There more than 4 in 10 cases of cancer, equivalent to 600,000 cases of cancer in the United Kingdom, which in fact can be prevented if someone runs a more healthy life patterns. Two factors that need to be avoided is smoking and unhealthy diet.

"Research in the whole world that they all refer to the same risk factors, now there is little doubt that certain lifestyle choices can have a big impact on cancer risk," said statistician at the Cancer Research Institute United Kingdom Prof Max Parkin, as reported by the BBC News, Thursday (29/12).

stop smoking and drink alcohol
Recent research conducted by the Institute of cancer research United Kingdom found that the biggest factor that should be avoided to prevent cancer is smoking. In addition to smoking, the study also found an unhealthy diet can increase the risk of cancer.

Based on data in a span of five years, from 2007 to 2011, more than 300,000 cases of cancer recorded coupled with the activity of smoking. Besides smoking, found that about 145,000 cases of cancer are caused by unhealthy eating patterns that consume too much processed food.

In addition to smoking and diet, it is worth also one restricts alcohol consumption and do regular exercise. Because, alcohol and obesity are also quite potentially cause cancer. There are approximately 62.200 cancers caused by alcohol and 88,000 cases of cancer caused by obesity.

"Live a healthy lifestyle doesn't guarantee a person will not be affected by cancer. However, we can have the opportunity to reduce the risk of cancer in the future, "continued Parkin.

State health agencies in the United Kingdom also States that a healthy lifestyle have a vital role in downplaying the risk of cancer. Therefore, the researchers urge that a healthy lifestyle can be a new year's resolution for the wider community.
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