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Age 1 Month Again Girls Cancer Marry Boyfriend

It is this lucky woman. She got his faithful lover accompany him to death call. Even when doctors pronounced her age stay for another month because of cancer , the even willing to marry her lover.

Liza Heaton (25 years), was sentenced to suffer cancer beginning in 2011. She was treated in the hospital Shreveport, Louisiana. The doctor didn't hesitate convicting himself and says there is no possibility to recover again. Medically, he predicted stayed a month.

Liza Heaton
Her lover, Wyatt, was making a surprise. In this two-day design a beautiful dream about Liza's wedding. The wedding finally makes Liza and the magnitude of the family by surprise.
Liza Heaton

The wedding was finally held on 13 December 2014 and then. Lots of smiles, laughter and tears of happy homecoming in a simple wedding ceremony which was attended by hundreds of people.
Liza Heaton Married

"When the doctor said at my age it's no longer, I don't want to again think about marriage. But Wyatt said OK, we're going to get married this week, "said Liza to 11 Alive News.
Liza Heaton
"I feel now that I'm living with cancer. Instead of dying with cancer, "he added. They live to dance and laugh happily on the wedding day.
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