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Candice-Marie Fox is Cured from Thyroid Cancer stage 4 because pineapple

Candice-Marie Fox (31) United Kingdom woman cured from cancer she suffered almost for five years. She was declared cured of thyroid cancer uffered due to consume the fruit of pineapple. Lady from Houghton Regis in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, found a lump on the top of his left groin on a bone. The results of the ULTRASOUND revealed there are about 20 thyroid carcinoma papiler.

The doctor diagnosed thyroid cancer with Candice. Candice is advised to perform surgical removal that will cause he lost his voice. but Candice refused to follow the advice of doctors for the operation. Candice prefers to use chemotherapy. But, when the doctor said that chemotherapy would only hold his life a few years only, Candice stop chemotherapy and do the natural treatment.


Candice began to consume up to three a day as well as pineapple, lemon, grapes, kiwi, apples and bananas. Fruit known high protein called bromelain which is believed to be able to fight cancer cells. Former model beauty products that began to quit smoking, alcohol, and meat as well as taking yoga.

"Rather than live to party, weekend, work, and do the same things I do day after day, I changed my whole view of me," said Candice.
In just six months the cancer stage empatnya net total. "I got rid of everything that is toxic in my life and being so grateful to be alive," said Candice.
Medical officer wonder and has now been confirmed that Candice, who works in marketing, has beaten the cancer aggressively and totally free of tumors.

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