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Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

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Prostate cancer unfortunately affects many men today. In fact, there are almost a quarter of a million new cases of prostate cancer reported each year in the United States. However, having this disease does not mean that it cannot be beaten. The majority of men with this cancer do survive. This is because of the many treatment options available for those suffering from prostate cancer.

Since there are so many treatment possibilities for this cancer, it is important to take into account a variety of factors before selecting the best choice for an individual. For example, age is an important factor because a much older gentleman would not be a good candidate for surgery. This also goes for those who have any other serious health conditions. Another very important thing to consider when treating prostate cancer is the patient's personal feelings about the side effects. All treatments have some side effects and a patient may find one option more appealing than another due to the possible adverse effects. The stage of cancer is a final thing to consider when selecting treatment. A more advanced cancer would require a different treatment than one that was caught early.

Cancer Surgery
Surgery and radiation are the two most common ways to treat prostate cancer. Surgery is common when it is clear that the cancer has not spread outside of the prostate gland. Removing the prostate gland is an effective way to treat prostate cancer. There are many different types of surgery that are used including laparoscopic, retropubic, and perineal. However, as with any surgery, there are risks of infection and bleeding as well as the possibility of having a negative reaction to the anesthesia or pain medication. Radiation therapy is often used to treat prostate cancer that is detected early. This type of therapy uses high-energy rays to destroy or minimize cancer cells. Unfortunately, side effects of radiation therapy include bowel, bladder, and urinary problems. However, it is an extremely effective way to treat prostate cancer and often a patient's first choice.

There are more options to treat prostate cancer including hormone therapy, vaccines, and alternative medicine. Hormone therapy is only used in men who cannot use other treatments for medical reasons and it works by lowering the amount of male hormones in the body. Vaccines are still fairly new and alternative medicine has not been shown to be effective.

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